Z’s ORIGINAL Hot Sauce


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Are you tired of Tabasco & Tapatio? Ready to chuck the Cholula? “Z’s Original” IS your traditional red sauce replacement! Despite using Fresno and Habanero peppers, this sauce is low on heat but high on flavor. “Twang is our Thang!” Vinegar forward, we use White Wine and Apple Cider Vinegar to balance the “Twang” on the tongue with smooth, earthy notes. Speaking of earthy notes, we also add raw Garlic for flavor and a pinch of Paprika for rich color. Lastly, we use purified water to add high-mineral Himalayan Salt. Z’s always uses all-natural ingredients. Vegan.
Switch your Supermarket sauce! This “Original” sauce started our journey! Intended as a Breakfast blend, it gives just enough kick to jump start your day! Very versatile, use it to enhance ANY entrée! Small batches are locally handcrafted with PRIDE!

Weight 16 oz